anti-Mormons & Christ…

Why is it that anti-Mormons insist on spending time and money to judge the faith of others, instead of promoting Christianity and faith? Why are there so many anti-Mormon blogs, web sites, books, pamphlets, and videos dedicated to negative proselytizing? Why do the anti-Mormons promote ill feelings and mistrust with their negative feelings toward Mormons? This is unfortunate, especially in the United States, where religious freedoms encourages respect for individuals of all religious beliefs.
What makes the vicious attacks by the anti-Mormons so shocking is that they do it in the name of Christianity. Mormons could expect such an attack from an atheist or a non-Christian, but from someone who professes a belief in Jesus Christ? If one really wants to know what Mormons really believe in, ask a Mormon – not someone who is filled with hate against another Christian sect.
You will not find The Church of Jesus Christ wasting time and money tearing down someone else’s religion – there are just to many sick, hungry, and poor in the world today to care for.
The Bible makes it clear that toleration, peacefulness, kindness, understanding, etc. are the true Christian standards. In Mark 9:38-42, we learn that even Christ was not concerned with doctrine or theological differences. The message in these verses are to let those who worship Him, worship Him, because those who are for Him are not against Him.
The anti-Mormons hold rallies, have booths at state fairs, and try to disrupt church services of the Mormons – all this in the name of Christianity. Jesus would be ashamed if He were here on earth today. That is what the Pharisees did against Jesus in his day. Not much has changed since the days of Christ.
Didn’t Peter tell us in 1Peter 2:21-23 to follow in Christs footsteps, that when reviled, revile not again? Didn’t Jesus say to turn the other cheek in Matthew 5:39? Didn’t James say to be slow to wrath and that the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God? James 1:19-20 James also says that if any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man. James 3:2 If the anti-Mormons really believed in the New Testament, how do they justified their attacks on Mormons?
I have personally been to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints general conferences held in Salt Lake City and I have witnessed the biting, hateful, and ugly attacks on the Mormons that goes on there. Street corner after street corner is filled with the anti-Mormons yelling and holding up signs telling us that we are all liars and all going to hell. The police presence during this time is high due to the violence that has erupted in the past. I have personally witnessed the anti-Mormons taking the garments that Mormons hold sacred and rub them on their behinds or spit on them. I wonder if they would have the courage to walk down to the local Jewish synagogue and do the same with a Jewish yarmulke. I doubt it. I have never been asked by the LDS Church to go to another Christian church and hold a rally and speak hurtful and hateful things to them. Never.
Anti-Mormons are so busy spending time and money looking for faults in the faith of Mormons, that they don’t have the time, evidently, to read their own Bibles. In Romans 2:1 we read ; ” Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whoseoever thou art that judgest: for thou that judgest doest the same things”.
One can never judge another religion righteously without hypocrisy. It is God’s right to judge, not man’s. The Bible tells us that the true followers of Christ is not to judge at all: no excuses. See the following: Matthew 7:1-2, Luke 19:22, John 8:15, 12:47, Corinthians 5:13, 1 Peter 2:23, James 2:13, and Revelation 16:7.
It is those who choose to ignore Christ and the Bible who execute their own personal judgements.

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