The Prophet Joseph Smith’s vision…

“Great was the Prophet Joseph Smith’s vision. It encompassed all
the peoples of mankind, wherever they live, and all generations who have
walked the earth and passed on. How can anyone, past or present, speak
against him except out of ignorance? They have not tasted of his words,
they have not pondered about him, nor prayed about him. As one who has done
these things, I add my own words of testimony that he was and is a prophet
of God, raised up as an instrument in the hands of the Almighty to usher in
a new and final gospel dispensation. Of the Prophet Joseph Smith, we could

” ‘When a man gives his life for the cause he has
advocated, he meets the highest test of his honesty and sincerity that his
own or any future generation can in fairness ask. When he dies for the
testimony he has borne, all malicious tongues should ever after be silent,
and all voices hushed in reverence before a sacrifice so complete.’
(Ezra Dalby, manuscript, Dec. 12, 1926.)”


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