The Atonement of Christ…

” The atonement of Christ is so great in its effects and so far-reaching in its consequences that it easily qualifies as the most important occurrence in time or in all eternity. Nothing ever has or ever will surpass it in significance. Nothing is greater in the entire universe or in the history of created things than Christ’s atonement. The atonement of Christ is infinite in time, space, and quantity – infinite in scope and eternal duration. All death is answered; every creature under the Savior’s dominion is resurrected. All sin is compensated for; every combination of sins is covered. The Atonement goes beyond personal sin to include disappointment, sorrow, and suffering caused by the sins of others. It even extends to the sickness and infirmities we must bear just because we are mortal. It was made by a being who was God before he came to earth, who was the Son of God on earth and who will be God eternally and endlessly.”

Gethsemane by Andrew C. Skinner (pages 11 & 12)


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