What Well-Informed Historians Believe…..

This is an excellent article that I challenge all to read………..this link is taken from the excellent Meridian Magazine……

Here are a couple paragraphs taken from the above article:

“The critics would have you believe that they are disinterested pursuers of the truth. There they were, minding their own business, going about their conscientious study of church history and — shock and dismay! — they came across this , whatever this is, that blew them away. As hurtful as it is for them, they can no longer believe in the Church and, out of love for you, they now want to help you see the light of day.

Let’s get one thing clear. There is nothing in church history that leads inevitably to the conclusion that the Church is false. There is nothing that requires the conclusion that Joseph Smith was a fraud. How can I say this with such confidence? For the simple reason that the historians who know most about our church history have been and are faithful, committed members of the Church.”


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