Every Member Online a Cyber Missionary ….

This is a wonderful article on becoming a cyber missionary and tithing part of your on line time to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ……………

Every Member Online a Cyber Missionary
By Marcel Demas

President David O. McKay became well known for the saying: ” Every member a missionary .” Had he lived in our time, he might have added: ” Every member online a CYBER Missionary! ”

The World Wide Web seems to be an ideal way to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.

Recently Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Twelve has been encouraging Latter-day Saints to help respond to questions and teach basic gospel principles on the Internet. The front cover of the July, 2008 Ensign demonstrated the Brethren’s recent emphasis on Cyber Missionary work, a new territory, a whole new world!

The rest of the article can be seen here………..link


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