Prophets are necessary…

Topic: Prophets Are Necessary

What about you who believe in God but don’t believe in prophets or revelation? Why not? How can you know about God without revelation? Is it bad to have a prophet? Is there some rule against it? Don’t we need a prophet? Wouldn’t it be comforting, for example, if the president of the United States were a prophet? Wouldn’t it be wonderful for this country if God would just tell us what we ought to be doing? As a matter of fact, he is telling us. The only trouble is that by and large we won’t listen. It is just the same as in ancient times when other prophets spoke. You would rather commit adultery, play on Sunday, drink your whiskey, and let someone else tend to the problems of society and the world. God is trying to straighten all these things out by the words of his prophet. And only when you have enough faith will you be able to hear the message. – Wm. Grant Bangerter, “The Voice of the Lord Is unto All People,” Ensign (CR) November 1979


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