“Wherever we live in this world, we see the glorious rising sun, which bears record of the Light of Christ that fills our hearts and enlightens our minds. The mighty rivers and the meandering streams bear record that the Savior is the source of the living water that can quench our thirst for spiritual things. The lilies of the field and even the smallest sparrow bear record of His generous and personal care.
But of all God’s remarkable creations, only we, His children, are created in His image and likeness. Only we, His children, have the capacity to develop our own spiritual convictions. And only we, His children, can give voice and expression to our witness of Him. We, His children, rejoice in our privilege and sacred obligation to bear record of Him and His gospel.” – Susan L. Warner


The following is taken from A Marvelous Work and a Wonder by Legrand Richards…..the highlights are my own. This accurately sums up which church is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today……it has to be either the Catholic Church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons. Here’s why in a simple language that should be understood by all.

The Christian churches of today may be generally classified as follows:

1. The Catholic Church, which contends that it has had an uninterrupted existence upon the earth since it was originally founded by Jesus Christ.

2. Protestant churches founded by reformers who contend that the original church fell into apostasy, and who, therefore, through a study of the Bible, have attempted to return to the original teachings and practices of the church.The number of these churches is evidence of how impossible it is to agree upon the teachings of the Bible when left to the wisdom of man to interpret and understand them. Because of this lack of unity, churches have continued to multiply in a further effort to return to what they consider the original teachings of the Christ.

3. Those who believe that the church established by Jesus Christ while he was upon the earth fell into an apostate condition as predicted by the apostles, and that the church could not be reestablished upon the earth merely through a reformation, but only through a restoration.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands alone in this latter classification.

In considering these claims, it is obvious that if the first is true, there is no excuse for the existence of any other Christian church. If the original church had gone astray, could a reformation restore its power? Can a living branch be taken from a dead tree? Or must there be a new planting, a restoration?

The issue is really between the Catholics and the Mormons. If the Catholics are right, then Mormonism is wrong. If Mormons are right, then Catholicism is wrong. The Protestants don’t have a leg to stand on, because if the Catholics are wrong, so are they, for they were originally a part of the Catholic Church. Today, the Catholics consider Protestants as apostates whom they cut off a long time ago.

Based on this logic, it is either the perpetuation of the gospel from ancient times by the Catholic Church, or the restoration of the gospel in these latter days by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nothing less. Nothing more. 


The LDS critics often mention that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cannot be a Christian religion because they do not recognize the cross as a symbol of one who believes in Jesus. While it is true that Mormons do not wear the cross as jewelry, nor adorn their chapels and temples with the cross, Mormons believe that the cross is a symbol of the dying
Christ, and Mormons would rather remember and celebrate the risen and living Christ. This was the greatest miracle in human history – Christ rising from the dead – and this is what the Mormons wish to remember. Not that they will ever forget the great sacrifice that Christ made for all mankind on the cross at Calvary – this cannot and will not be forgotten.

Thousands and thousands of men have died on a cross, as this was a popular death among the Romans and Assyrians, but only one Man rose from the grave after being nailed to the cross. Most of the other thousands of names have been forgotten that died on the cross, but because He rose from the dead, Christ will always be remembered.

Because our Savior lives, we do not use the symbol of his death as the symbol of our faith. As President Gordon B. Hinckley once said, ” And so our lives must become a meaningful expression, the symbol of our declaration of our testimony of the Living Christ, the Eternal Son of the Living God.”



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