Joseph Smith

“Great was the Prophet Joseph Smith’s vision. It encompassed all
the peoples of mankind, wherever they live, and all generations who have
walked the earth and passed on. How can anyone, past or present, speak
against him except out of ignorance? They have not tasted of his words,
they have not pondered about him, nor prayed about him. As one who has done
these things, I add my own words of testimony that he was and is a prophet
of God, raised up as an instrument in the hands of the Almighty to usher in
a new and final gospel dispensation. Of the Prophet Joseph Smith, we could

” ‘When a man gives his life for the cause he has
advocated, he meets the highest test of his honesty and sincerity that his
own or any future generation can in fairness ask. When he dies for the
testimony he has borne, all malicious tongues should ever after be silent,
and all voices hushed in reverence before a sacrifice so complete.’
(Ezra Dalby, manuscript, Dec. 12, 1926.)”The Name of Joseph Smith Will Continue to Ring with Honor

“A few years ago, I received a letter written by an evangelist who
with diatribe lashed out against the Prophet Joseph Smith, calling him a
wicked imposter, a fraud, a fake, and a deceiver, and declaring that he was
undertaking a campaign to spread his views. Whatever became of his work, I
do not know. It will not have been significant. That kind of work may
topple a few of the weak, but it only strengthens the strong. And long
after that man and others of his kind have gone down to silence, the name
of Joseph Smith will continue to ring with honor and love in the hearts of
an ever-growing band of Latter-day Saints in an
ever-increasing number of nations.”Topic: Joseph Smith(Gordon B. Hinckley, “Praise to the Man,” Ensign, Aug. 1983, 2)

Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling

I just started reading a book that I have had for some time entitled Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman. Bushman’s most notable published work, From Puritan to Yankee: Character and Social Order in Connecticut, 1690-1765 won the prestigious Bancroft Prize in 1968, an award considered to be one of the greatest honors for a work on American history.

So I found it interesting while reading the Mormon Times here that Bushman just gave a speech on Wednesday at Weber State University.

In his speech, he stated, “the LDS church is in good company, with Judaism, Islam and Christianity all making extraordinary claims” and that the LDS Church simply needed time to become more familiar to the world in general.”What is needed for Mormonism to become respectable is for it simply to age“, Bushman stated.

I pondered that last statement and wonder how factual it is. There are so many individuals and organizations that still look at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as fanatical, extremist, and belonging to a cult. I wonder if those that think this way will ever believe anything differently. But if not them, then perhaps their children will.

This is a very good article, and I encourage you to look it over here.

This is the last paragraph from the Mormon Times article on Bushman’s speech: “Piece by piece,” Bushman observed, “the elements of the arguments against Mormonism can be dealt with.”


The Joseph Smith Papers Project…

Posted on March 14, 2008.

The Joseph Smith Papers Project is huge…..and I for one can’t wait until it is completed. This project will include everything ever written by him, dictated by him, or received by him.The last paragraph in the Mormon Times article states : “The terrible things said about Joseph Smith come largely from ignorance about the past,” Jensen said. “(The project) is just a connection to the past that helps you visualize and understand the early Saints.”It is estimated that the first volume compiled from these many papers will be available at the end of the year.That should be some interesting reading……….

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